On Monday April 27, 2020 at 11:10am, I received a message from Pastor Poju Oyemade asking if we could write a song to encourage the nation during the 24th edition of The Platform, hosted by The Covenant Nation on May 2. 
As soon as I saw the message, there was an immediate stirring within me - words began to tumble in quickly before I even acknowledged that I had read the message. 
I wrote under that urgent unction, quickly penning the thoughts that formed in my mind. As I played the song on my piano, I began to laugh. The words 'This is your finest hour!' triggered joy and humility in my heart. I didn't craft these words but literally heard them flow through my mind and out of my mouth. 
May this song be one of our songs for this time and other birthing seasons to come for our nation.

Written and performed by Olumide Iyun 
Produced by Rotimi Akinfenwa @rotimikeys 
Mixed by Olaitan Dada @olaitandada 
Mastered by Olumide Iyun 
BGVs by Morayo @morayomusic Olaitan Dada @olaitandada & Rhema Onuoha @rhemaonuoha